“Ber” Months Fashion Ideas


The start of “ber” months here in the Philippines implies that rains and typhoons are coming and everyone is advised to be ready. But the season doesn’t excuse anyone to look dull and boring. Here are a few tips to look cool and fab during the “ber” months, from head to toe.

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Wearing bright colored outfits on gloomy days makes your day brighter but wear it together with your brightest smile, you might bring light to the people around you despite in the midst of rainfall.


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Glam up with your jacket on.

Jackets play an important role in your wardrobe. To fully glam up your rainy day look, put on your jacket or cardigan, and match it with a pair of boots and a bonnet hat. It saves you from cold and at the same time gives you a glam look.

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During the rainy season, it is more practical to invest in lightweight, waterproof outwear. There are a number of reasons why these are worth buying: they are easy to wash, won’t take too long to dry, and are convenient to walk outdoors coz there’s no need for you to bring an umbrella regardless on heavy rainfall.

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