Benefits of Gua Sha


Gua Sha pronounced as “Gwa Sha” is a popular Traditional Chinese Technique. Gua means “scrape” and Sha means “sand”. It is the most incredible trend in beauty nowadays. Benefits of Gua Sha is a flat smooth stone that has multiple benefits and is used on the face and body. There are lots of different shapes and sizes of Gua Sha stone.


How to use Gua Sha- Before using Gua Sha on the face clean it with an alcohol wipe and make sure it is disinfected. Always disinfect it before and after using it.

Firstly cleanse your face and apply a serum or oil on your face so that Gua Sha can easily glide and does not irritate the skin.

Start with the concave side of the tool on the shoulder and glide up to the ear, do it on both sides apply pressure which you can tolerate this helps in releasing tension and stiffness of the shoulder.

Next, start scraping from collar bone to neck in an upward position. It helps to remove the double chin. Do not put too much pressure.

Then, From the middle of the jawline scrap it towards the ear which helps in forming a sharp jawline.

Use small round ends of the tool to scrape lightly on the eye area be super gentle as it’s very sensitive and delicate do not pull harshly just glide slowly around the eyes.


Then, place the concave side on the forehead on move upwards to the hairline


Benefits of Gua Sha 2022

Shapes of Gua Sha-

1- Concave side – It is best for the neck, shoulder, and spine.

2- Double curves side – It promotes blood circulation

3- Cleft- Best for jawline

4- Teeth edge- Helps in lightening wrinkles and fine lines.

5- Pointed convex edge- Most beneficial for brow area.

Benefits of Gua Sha- It has many benefits if used properly such as.

Brighten and tightens the skin

Reduces wrinkles

Less dark circles

Better circulation

Treats acne and rosacea

Absorbs skincare products

Soften fine lines


Reduces puffiness

Contour jawline and cheekbones

Relieves tension from muscles

Produce collagen

Benefits of Gua Sha

How often you should use Gua Sha- Gua Sha can be used two to three times per week. If you use it in the morning it will help in energizing the skin and reduce puffiness around the eyes and bring an instant glow while using it at night will relax the muscles.

Results on the skin- after using Gua Sha religiously you will see immediate results in sharp jawline and cheekbones and a contoured face.

Side Effects- Gua Sha is not recommended for those with sunburn and rashes it may irritate the skin. You should speak to the physician first and use it. Remember if Gua Sha is used correctly with gentle pressure it is pretty safe for all skin types.


Clean and Store- Always clean and store the Gua Sha tool. The dirty tool can cause several skin problems such as acne, breakout, etc. Clean it with a soft towel or alcohol wipe and get rid of any bacteria build-up on your tool. Before you put your Gua Sha back make sure it’s completely dry.

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By Sumera Sami

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