Bamboo Bags 2022-23


A must-have for all ladies in their closet? Bamboo bags? Or even two and more bamboo bags. This design was introduced into the world by Guccio Gucci, back in the 1940s. Gucci began with the Gucci Bamboo Collection. This collection was inspired by the leather shortage experienced due to the second world war. So as to save on leather material, its designers were forced to experiment with other materials. Hence Gucci came up with this brilliant idea: bamboo bags.

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What material is used in making bamboo bags? Bamboo tree. To be precise, the bark of a bamboo tree is used. It is carefully removed by specialised individuals for that task, then refined and softened for weaving. The weaving process is the most crucial bit. It requires highly trained weavers. The weaving process duration varies depending on the expertise of a weaver. It could take as less as five days or even more to complete a single bamboo bag for an individual.

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The good thing about this type of bag is that, it’s authentic. A unique piece: which blends in with almost all outfits. From traditional African clothing all the way to official outfits, one will still rock hard! Also, with this kind of bag, one easily draws attention plus displays a positive attitude to the public.

Bamboo Bags

And where can you get a piece of this beautiful bag? It’s simple. Online stores such as,, or even would do just great. Moreover, there are numerous offline stores that do sell these bags as well. Get one and you’ll thank me later, girl.

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