Here are some ideas to get rid of unwanted clothing!


Our closets are stuffed full, yet we feel like we have no clothes to wear because we purchase clothes more frequently than we declutter unwanted ones. Get rid of your unwanted clothing in your wardrobe and get it in order this winter.

Here are some questions to help you decide whether you should keep or toss the unwanted clothing item:

1. How many times have you worn it in the past year?


how to get rid of unwanted clothing

You probably won’t need that if you don’t remember wearing it, or if you wore it only once or twice, because either you don’t like it enough, or you have something better. It is time to get rid of it and get something better and more worthwhile in its place.

2. Is it in a good position?

getting rid of unwanted clothing

Make sure that the clothes are of satisfactory quality. It is not wise to keep items in your closet if there are signs of wear and tear or poor condition. These items never get worn.

3. Is it a good fit for you? How did you feel wearing it?

unwanted clothing

Confused about keeping it or not? Give it a try! Trying it on may help you decide whether to keep it or not. Consider it carefully and see if it’s a good fit. If you don’t like it, feel comfortable in it, or it doesn’t fit well, then it shouldn’t be part of your wardrobe since you’re unlikely to wear it. It’s better to give it away or donate it.

4. Is there any occasion where you would wear it again?

unwanted clothing 2

Check if you would ever consider wearing it again for one of the upcoming events in the future, or shortly? If not, it’s just taking up space in your closet.

5. Do you have similar pieces in your wardrobe?

When you have two or more pieces of clothing that are very similar, you should opt for the one you prefer and approach most frequently and keep those. Your closet should not contain the least worn pieces. Upgrade your wardrobe and get rid of outdated pieces.

Lastly, go through the pile of clothes you want to keep once more, to be sure you haven’t missed anything. Finally, voilà! You have a more organized, space-efficient wardrobe.


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By Mahra

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