Are You a Model?


Ever wondered why we sometimes ‘admire’ mannequins or a model?

Beauty! Posture! Confidence! Perfection!


A ‘Model’ can be someone influential, who sets an example or is an example; someone who is revered, like a role model; or A ‘Model’ can be someone who exhibits apparel for fashion companies and industries. They can be anyone who will pose for the camera to advertise brands like Gucci and Coach or products like Loreal.

The answers to the questions above are written, directed, and produced by the personality. The personality of the person who is aware of themselves, what they can do and what they want. It was never solely about being slim and tall.



Consider this photo of Mariano Di Vaio. 

We can assume, he is a businessman, or just going about his daily life minding his own business, and being handsome, with all the characteristics of a model, decided to become one. 

Was he chosen? Or did he choose? 

Let us consider that he is actually a men’s fashion inspiration, therefore a Model. He also exhibits for Dolce and Gabbana, therefore a Model. In both cases, he inspires, sets an example, advertises, and persuades. This makes him very influential. He does so by not saying a word. He lets his image, confidence, the clothes he wears, and his personality, do the talking. He knows he is admired, and he uses that to his advantage. He displays his choice of attire well, and the brands or products that he exhibits will benefit from his lure. Any man will want to wear what he wears and use the products he uses. It’s all about their admiration toward him. The same would apply if I made reference to a woman.

model 654

Some other traits or characteristics that stand out when a person has model potential are as follows:


We all have beauty within us, but some of us fail to acknowledge it, as my quote suggests. The beauty within defines itself externally in our confidence.  However, when that beauty is acknowledged and accepted, the confidence is unconditional.


The model ignores their inhibitions and is confident with or without clothes and make-up. This type of personality believes in their natural beauty and doesn’t need help accepting it.

model 123


Every day of our lives we are on a runway, from the moment we leave the house. Whether we like it or not, we are all on exhibit. From our hairstyles to our shoes. The way we walk and carry ourselves. What we wear reflects our personality and how we look overall, creating our image. Don’t think for a minute that we go unnoticed. Someone will either stop you to ask for the name of the color in your hair or where you bought your shoes. Someone will also notice if you wore the dress you’re wearing to work today, yesterday. But does that qualify you as being a model? 


It’s easy to identify a fashion model when walking through a crowd. It’s also easy to identify model potential. Believe me, someone will as you, “are you a model?” Or they may ask, “would you like to become a model?”

Some of us may choose to become fashion and cosmetic models, whilst others may not want to, but their traits automatically categorize them into being model-like. Men and women can be models. There are some who love modeling and would like to become models but the absence of certain characteristics, prevent them from having the opportunity. That doesn’t mean, all is lost. They can become role models. They can inspire others, set trends, manage a successful fashion or cosmetic business, develop a clothing line, and so many other things that can bring their dreams and passions to fruition.


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Tricia Brown

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