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Each country has it’s own type of clothing. Others may wear crop tops, jeans, t-shirts, short, hijab, Abaya, and Shalwar kameez in going out. The clothing varies on their weather, culture, tradition and religious beliefs. The world is evolving and so is the fashion style. But in Arab countries, they remain to dress like the ancient tradition and cultural Arab fashion.

Arab people are respectful and proud of their beliefs. Arab fashion clothing is interesting to know that there are still people follows their ancient tradition. It is now rare to see people following their ancestor’s way of clothing because of modern trends.. Below are focused on Arab clothing. Let us know more about their unique traditional fashion.




Arab men wear Thobe. Colors may vary depending on them.


Agal and Keffiyeh (Men Headwear) 

Majority of the Arab males wear Keffiyeh also called as Shemaghs. Each tribe, area or country has different colors. Their usefulness in the arid climate cannot be denied. This is the reason why these headgears have been envied, copied and worn by the people of the world.





Majority of Arab women wear hijab to cover their head and face. It also a way to maintain modesty and privacy from unrelated males. It comes in variety of colors too.

Click here to watch a tutorial on how to put a hijab.




Arab women wears Abaya for clothing. It is made of a long dark colored cloak. The body is covered from neck to toe . It can be decorated and beaded, but usually in dark colors only.


The Arab country is precious, respectful and traditional in their own way. I am personally amazed in how they are able to pull off without showing too much skin. They are attractive effortlessly. Even when their face is covered with hijab they are still beautiful.


Click here to watch a tutorial on how to put a hija.


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