Abaya Game Strong!


Women love to wear an abaya in their daily life while stepping out of their homes all over the world, especially in Middle Eastern countries.

 An Abaya is a free-flowing, full-length robe worn over the dress designed to hide the curves while going out. Everyone has a preference while dressing up depending upon their moral, cultural, and spiritual beliefs.

Modest Dressing

These days modest dressing is the talk of the town. Some brands provide extremely elegant abayas with beautiful fabric, cuts, and designs available for your day-to-day activities or fancy abayas with such intricate designs for special occasions. Many international designers are showing their interest in presenting abayas in different colors, styles, shapes, and patterns, so if you think dressing up modestly and being fashionable are two different things. Think again!



The styling of abayas has evolved massively in recent times. Modern abayas are available with painted designs, decorated with laces and ribbons. Glitters, crystals, and sequins add that extra bling and edginess to a cultured abaya.

beautiful abaya

Women constantly keep on looking for innovative ideas that turn a simple abaya into a contemporary one. All you need to do is mix and match the colors and certain accessories in the right way and you will be able to level up your abaya game.

fashionable abaya

Black color abayas always remain the traditional ones, but other neutral colors as browns, beige or grey allow you to experiment more in terms of mixing and matching. You can pair it with the identical or contrasting color hijab or headscarf. The other versatile colors can be worn for any special occasion or formal event. Vibrant color abayas are for the days when you want to stand out from the crowd to add more excitement and glamour to your life.

You can wear an elegant and simple front open abaya with contrasting colors with a sleek and flowing maxi dress underneath, or style it with loose pants or a pair of jeans and a shirt to look effortlessly chic. You can wear it on regular basis. Mix and match the clothes in your wardrobe with the abaya and styling them differently are always fun.

trendy abaya

The simplest abaya will be upgraded and may make a style statement with just the proper amount of accessories added to it. Scarves, shoes, handbags, makeup, and jewelry always help in glorifying the look. Whatever you select to pair your abaya with, it will drastically change your overall appearance.

Covering your head with a scarf or a head turban goes along with the abaya. Know your face cuts to understand which scarf-wearing style suits you the best. Head turbans are most common among women in the Middle East, especially in UAE and Kuwait.

Make sure the shoes you decide on must be in contrast together with with your overall look. From color to the design, or any style, whether it’s sneakers or heels it should get on point according to your abaya and therefore the occasion you are heading to. And same goes for the handbag you may be carrying. A shoulder bag or a classy clutch looks highly sophisticated.

Wearing a statement waist belt with high heels always looks beautiful. You can always enhance the look with fashion bracelets, long chains, a classy watch, or some fun rings. You can also embellish your look with an adequate amount of makeup as per the occasion.

The days of boring plain black abayas are gone. Women in recent times wish to keep their fashion and style game strong while keeping their values intact.

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By Siddie F. Kay

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