A First Date Fashion Disaster


Hey guys it’s me again, Andrea. Here is another one of the stories of my first date fashion disaster.

So firstly, I apologize in advance because I know for a fact that a few of you will probably question my gender, my sanity, and (guilty as charged) my fashion sense in this case. So let’s begin, shall we?

This was the year 2019, the year I first begin University life and studies. As a fresh graduate out of high school, I had plans which included;




Of course, not everything you want in life will happen accordingly and that’s what makes life a little bit of a mystery.


I started Uni alone with my other friends from high school and everything was going well. I got a part-time job, friends, classes, and a map of the whole school. What more would I need?

Turns out I needed more than just that like, how to act, talk and most importantly dress accordingly for a first date. **slams head on the table**

There’s this guy (let’s call him Steve) we had a little something going on at that time and well it didn’t work out and I personally would like to think that it is because I have no fashion sense whatsoever.

It was just one of those busy weeks and I really didn’t have the time to message him or call or text or even just to let him know that I am still alive and breathing. On Friday we had a Mid-semester test for our units and keep in mind I had not slept the previous night because I was busy studying.

All I had on was a white t-shirt, with black oversized joggers and white vans, my hoodie was tied around my waist and my hair was in a messy, ugly, unrecognizable bun. **head slap**. I did not know that I was going to be confronted by Steve later that afternoon and go on a date with him looking like a zombie that just came back from the dead.

He did not care one bit about how I look and honestly to this day I am still questioning his sanity more than mine. Who in their right minds asks a girl to go out on their very first date right after their last paper with her looking like shit. I’ll have you know, I did not even have on any makeup whatsoever. I don’t even know how to put on lipstick let alone, eye shadow or mascara.

Most girls dress up for their first date, had on dresses, heels, and pretty makeup on and I had on joggers, a white tee, white vans, my hoodie, and my sanity on loose ends.


As far as I remember from that first date was that I was so comfortable and cozy and the funny thing was that if I had to go back and redo that date, I probably wouldn’t even do it right and still go with what I had on.

So if its any help to anyone at all who finds this a bit interesting is that, just be yourself. Dress according to how you feel and if he or she is really the one, they won’t mind what you had on.


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first date fashion disaster

PS: this is what I was wearing that day………or really close to it.

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Andrea Kings.

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