80s Party Costume Ideas: How to Dress to Impress at Your Throwback Bash!


What should you wear to an 80s party? The right costume adds to the fun of any 80s theme party, whether you are the host or a guest. There was a wide variety of fashion trends in the 80s, allowing for several different ways to dress for an 80s party. Adapt your style to your personality. In this article, we will take a look at a few great 80s Party Costume Ideas you can try today!

80s Party Costume Ideas

Hair Band Rocker

You can achieve the 80s rocker look by wearing acid-washed, bleached, ripped jeans or black leather pants. Adding a long-haired wig to finish the costume will spend the clothing portion. A tight t-shirt with ripped sleeves or a spandex tank top completes the look.

80s Party Costume Ideas preppy


This 80s dress idea starts with khaki skirts for women and khaki pants for men. Add a brightly colored polo shirt with a collar up and a sweater tied around your shoulders. In the preppy style of 1980s fashion, penny loafers are the preferred footwear.


During the 80s, punk clothing was characterized by leather skirts and pants. Leather vests, particularly for men, complemented punk clothing. Add stripes of color to your hair with bright colors of temporary hair color. In addition, you can find wigs at a costume shop that fit the punk style. A punk look can be completed with dark eye makeup, red lipstick, a fake or real nose ring, and a choker necklace.

80s Prom

The average prom dress for 80s teen fashion featured puffy sleeves, bright color’s, and lots of organza. You can pull out your 80s prom dress or raid the closets of friends who grew up in those days. You can also find vintage, puffy-sleeved dresses at thrift stores. The fashionable prom attendee in the 80s dyed the shoes to match the dress. A wrist corsage and rhinestone jewelry round out the look.

80s T.V. Stars

It is only possible to discuss 80s costume ideas by mentioning Miami Vice. In the popular T.V. show, Don Johnson’s character popularized the trend of wearing t-shirts under suit jackets, while Tom Selleck’s character in Magnum P.I. popularized the Hawaiian shirt look. For men attending an 80s party, these looks can be easily achieved.


Thousands of 80s party-goers want to dress like the characters from the famous movie. It only takes a few articles of clothing, yet it begs to be worn at a party in the 80s. To embrace the craze of Flashdance, cut the neck of the sweatshirt so it hangs over the shoulder. Wear a black leotard with black leg warmers and an oversized grey sweatshirt.


80s Party Costume Ideas hairstyles


During the 80s, big hair was all the rage. Start styling your hair with Aqua Net hair spray.

Women’s Hairstyles

The women of the 80s appeared to be competing to have the most significant hair if you look back at pictures. Bangs were popular then and often stretched several inches above the top of the head. A lot of patience and styling products are needed to achieve this hairstyle. Women’s hairstyles include:

  • Having long, curly hair with big bangs and lots of volumes
  • Crimped hair
  • Banana clips
  • Side ponytails

Men’s Hairstyles

For men and women, big hair was in demand in the 80s. It might be difficult for men with short hair to recreate the awe-inspiring hairstyles of the 1980s. Wigs can add volume and styling options to the theme party. Here are some popular styles for men’s hair:

  • Mullets
  • Rat tails
  • Long, layered rocker hair, with or without waves
  • Feathered hair

Relive the 80s

It adds to the fun and excitement of attending an 80s party to wear a costume. If you grew up in the decade, you can relive your youth for one night. Consider your style when choosing the right outfit for an 80s party. Have fun and make your costume as authentic as possible. It’s impossible to overdo the 80s when it comes to fashion.

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