8 Makeup Mistakes Which Done Blunder


Makeup is now not only approachable to a professional level. As with the growing makeup trend in society, everyone is finding makeup as a beautifying technique that enhances appearance. According to the female category, makeup adds a charm to their appearance thereby everyone has now been indulging themselves and learning makeup tricks, but being a beginner people create blunders during makeup and it ends up with the phrase which people called oh! ” that’s a bummer”.

So we got you following steps below especially

 for makeup beginners, showing makeup mistakes…

8 Makeup Mistakes Which Done Blunder

Overuse Of Foundation 

Excessive foundation application makes us look like a clown simultaneously people often forget foundation application on the neck area which appears unmatched.

Avoiding pre-makeup moisture or primer

Not Applying a primer or moisture pre-makeup is the biggest mistake done by beginners, as it is attributed primary step which is a makeup base. Moisture is a must especially for dry skin but also recommend to be applied over oily skin, otherwise, it looks cracky along it increases the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Improper Blending Of Makeup



As makeup consists of several layers of makeup products such as foundation, concealer, blusher, bronzer, and highlighters. Not blending the product layers properly makes us appear uneven and craggy, and it ends up looking terrible.

Not Applying Makeup in the right direction

Several steps of makeup need to be done in an appropriate manner, the inappropriate way of applying makeup either in an upward direction or in a lower direction without the awareness leads to an unfinished makeup look. Thereby, Some right makeup tricks and techniques require applying to make which you could be received by watching some makeup tutorials flooded on youtube.

Doing eye and lip Makeup coating together



That’s a bummer situation by playing both eyes and lips, Its special appeal for the beginners especially, to avoid coating dark shades in both eyes and lips together with the purpose of enhancing looks, But beginners that do not work at all with ongoing makeup trend, so take this step seriously before make up.


Eyeshadow Blunder

The matching scenario has now been attributed as old, simultaneously applying a double coat of shimmery eyeshadow seems extra, and hides the entire makeup look, therefore eyes with one coat are enough there is no need to play with extra shimmery dark-eyed girl’s.

Use of Inappropriate mascara texture

As if you use thick-liquid-based mascara it’s not going to work well, it soo thick that later on dries up and becomes difficult to remove which ends up affecting your eyelashes. So ensure to use appropriate mascara texture.

Overuse Of red powder and blusher

blusher is now being the highly used makeup technique, and it’s basically known for its natural look but excessive use of blusher ends up looking clown and unnatural so girls make sure not to use it excessively.

By Sonali Gupta

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