7 Top Fashion Influencers You Must Follow


With so many new fashion trends every other day, it is getting hard to get track of every update in time. Don’t worry, sweetheart! I am here to recount the 7 best fashion influencers so that you always have the best fashion updates at your fingertips. Ready?

Top Fashion Influencers

Zoella Zeebo

Fashion Influencers Zoella

Zoella Zeebo is a top English vlogger, author, and fashion influencer. She started her fashion and lifestyle blog in 2009. Since then, she has created YouTube channels and other social media platforms and gained a tremendous fan following in the niche of beauty and fashion.

Zoe’s main YouTube channel ‘Zoella’ features videos about many of the best beauty products and hauls she likes. Hit a follow to her account for top-notch fashion trends and updates.

Christine Barberich

Christine Barberich is the co-founder of Refinery29, an award-winning media-entertainment company for women. She is an author, fashionist, and advisor to global fashion brands and styles.

Christine has a huge fan base for her high fashion profile. She has been a fashion consultant to America’s renowned Prada beaute, American Eagle, and Nine West. All in all, she is a brand in herself.

Chiara Ferragni

For fashion influencers, we can not miss Chiara Ferragni on the list. She is an Italian model, fashion designer and creator of the ever famous ‘The blonde salad’ blog. She has showcased her fashion love by appearing as a cover model in many modeling magazines.

Many brands have collaborated with Chiara which include Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Dior, and J Brand. Without a doubt, she is a big name in fashion and deserves a follow.


Lauren Conrad

Fashion Influencers lauren

You must be quite familiar with the LC beauty brand, a Lauren Conrad fashion line. In the world of fashion, she swiftly moved across from being a star of the reality Television show, Laguna Beach, to a fashion influencer.

Lauren is an American model, beauty brand, and reality TV star. She has covered the front page of prestigious fashion magazines including Glamour. Paper Crown is another brand owned by Lauren.

Rati Tehri Singh


Rati Tehri Singh is the creator of India’s biggest beauty blog, makeupandbeauty.com, which she and her husband started in 2009. Initially, the blog covered the makeup niche only. Rati worked hard to make it a complete fashion and beauty blog within a short span. Now, she is among the leading fashion influencers for Indian women.

Her website also features products of top Indian brands. It is based on three blogs, each one for India, Philippines, and Dubai. Today, 700+ writers are busy creating fashion content for Rati’s blog.

Xenia Tchoumitcheva


Xenia Tchoumitcheva is a Russian-Swiss model, which has been flaunting on-ramp since she was 12. She is well versed in six languages and possesses a degree in Economics.

She is an entrepreneur, actress, and blogger. During her modeling career, she has received several awards. Xenia has been the brand ambassador of renowned brands, such as Revlon and Swiss Smile. The Askman list of 2016 included her in the 99 most influential women in the world.

Camila Coelho


Camila Coelho caught her fame in the beauty and fashion industry by running a self-titled beauty website. She started with a tutorial in 2010, which marked the beginning of her extensive popularity.


Camila is a Brazilian stylist and fashion blogger. She is a member of Fhits, an enormous bloggers network owned by Alice Ferraz. Camila is quite famous on YouTube with two channels, both having 1 million+ subscribers. Her focus is to recreate celebrity looks and feature beauty products.


Fashion has a very transforming nature, and the trend changes in the blink of an eye. It is obvious to follow the best fashionista to keep updated with the world of style.

I hope you will find my article helping you to pick some top fashion influencers around the world. Stay updated, be fashionable, and be fabulous.

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By Aisha Anas

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