7 Pant Trends that are IN this year, according to stylists, and 6 Pant Trends that are OUT


Although some women promoted pants in the 19th century, it wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that they became widely accepted as a viable alternative for women’s daily attire. The dress-reform movement of the middle of the 19th century is when the trend of women wearing pants first emerged in Western society causing pant trends.

Pants are a type of clothing that wraps around both legs from the waist to the ankles. Pants, often known as trousers, are a common clothing item for people of all sexes and ages. Pants are divided down the middle and contain holes for each leg, unlike a dress or a skirt.

Wide-leg pants can elevate an outfit:


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According to Wardrobe Apparel employee and stylist Sarah Sommer, wide-leg clothing is expected to be fashionable this year, including jeans and pants. Even the most basic tee and sneakers look better with this haircut, she told Insider. “This style elongates any body shape.”

Leather and pleather pants have made a comeback in the past few years:


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Jessica Sockel, a stylist at Stitch Fix, claims that over the past several years, leather pants have begun to find their way back into fashion. They will be viewed as a wardrobe essential this year. You may anticipate seeing more leather treatments, like vinyl, in 2019 thanks to the growth of motorcore, the fashion trend inspired by Formula 1. As of right now, Sockel told Insider, “I’m digging an enormous cowl neck sweater with vinyl leggings.”

Tailored trousers are great for the office or for a night out:


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According to Sockel, “the fitted trouser is a business-casual look that is very much trendy right now.” Thus, the next year, expect to see even more fitted pants. The adaptable pants are both functional and comfortable. They can be dressed up for work with an oversized blazer or dressed down with a white T-shirt for a simple, stylish weekend outfit.

Slightly cropped pants have been popping up more:


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According to personal stylist Allie McKenna, inseams have decreased rather than increased. There are now more cropped styles as a result of the late 1990s trend’s revival. I particularly adore this style since it’s a great opportunity to display your ankles, entertaining socks, or adorable booties, she told Insider.

Cargo pants are a must-buy this year:



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According to McKenna, a pair of cargo pants will be a must-have for the year as we gradually, formally usher in the return of early-aughts fashion. To ensure you can wear them all year long, “I would suggest getting yourself a neutral pair in the khaki color family,” she said Insider.


Velvet and corduroy are both having a moment:


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Corduroy and velvet are two materials that are becoming more and more fashionable, according to McKenna. Wide-leg, relaxed, or flared shapes were suggested by the stylist as ways to incorporate both materials.

Mid- and low-rise jeans pant trends are taking over the tired high-waisted trend:


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According to Sommer, mid- and low-rise jean styles have officially replaced high-waisted ones. If you want to emphasize your long legs or stretch your torso, this 2000s revival trend can also provide some fun play with proportions, according to the stylist. She recommended wearing them with a tight top topped with a jacket, a T-shirt, or an oversized sweater.


On the other hand-

 looser sweatpants are being replaced by joggers:


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Paper-bag pants are being replaced by low- and mid-rise trousers:


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Dark-blue denim pant trends may be on the outs:


pant trends 4

Overly distressed jeans have seen their day:


pant trends 3

skinny jeans are being replaced by bootcut and straight-leg styles:


pant trends 2


Camo print is becoming a thing of the past:


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