2022 is already here and we are gonna rock it. 2021 was a roller coaster indeed! With the pandemic hitting, this year was not it. But we will not let that affect 2022. Let’s leave these things behind and take only good things with us forward, saying that, here are some fashion habits to say bye to in 2022:


1. Wearing tight clothes to look slimmer

Extra skinny jeans or tight-fitting jackets would only suffocate you and keep you in discomfort all day! It’s just not worth it.


2. Buying more for no reason!

Admit it! Trivial reasons are not good enough to burn a hole in your pocket and flood your pocket with one time wearers.


3. Falling prey to last minute discounts

Getting a jacket worth $999 for $789 isn’t a steal !!



4. Wearing the wrong bra

Let us put it out there once and for all -one type of bra is not made for any and every kind of outfit. And while you are at it- Size does matter!


5. Not knowing your stripe type

‘Coz horizontal Stripes make you look broader and vertical stripes make you look smaller. But remember, All stripes make you look happy!


6. Wearing shoes that hurt

Yes, we are all guilty of buying got high heels, but are they comfortable enough? Not really! Can they be dangerous to your health? Why, of course!


7. Following every trend because it’s out there


Faux leather is all the rage this year, but will it be next year? Who knows!




Fashion is something that makes you happy! Do it for yourself not for others, if it makes you happy, who cares what anyone else think.


Happy New year from me too you!

Blog by Priya Grover,

Thanks for reading

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