7 Facial Yoga Exercises For Glowing Skin


The greatest organ of the body, the skin, requires more care than just applying cosmetics. While the latter is a simple but important approach to healthy skin, it takes a deeper, more holistic approach to ensure that the nutrients of your skincare are evenly distributed throughout all layers of the skin. This will allow your inner beauty to shine through. This entails living a healthy, balanced lifestyle that includes exercising, eating fresh, in-season foods, and eating well. Facial yoga, which enables you to treat your skin with affection while reacquainting yourself with your inner self, is a thoughtful exercise to carry out the same. Let’s explore this practice in more detail:

Facial Yoga: What Is It?

Since the beginning of time, facial workouts and massages have kept us in excellent condition. The idea is rooted in the earliest Ayurvedic texts and involves opening up energy pathways to improve health, well-being, and appearance naturally. What yoga does for your body, facial yoga does for your face. It also resets the muscles in your face as it relaxes, tones, and offers your skin a natural boost. Stretching the 57 muscles of the face and neck is intended to improve circulation, tone, and firm the muscles for a more youthful appearance.

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What Are The Advantages Of Yoga For The Face And How Does Facial Yoga Work?

The muscles in your body feel firm and strong after working out or partaking in a mindful Yoga session. Similarly, if you frequently practice face yoga, your facial muscles will feel toned and will give you the impression of having a natural facelift.

We recommend the following 7 face yoga positions or exercises for supple, healthy skin:

1. Hug and grin


You should smile widely after pushing your lips as far out as possible to simulate a kiss. Perform at least 15 reps each day. This workout simultaneously tones your chin and cheekbones.

Benefit: Regular, deliberate usage of these muscles might enhance the downward trend toward a youthful jawline and rosy cheeks.

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2. Puff Your Cheeks

Take a deep breath in through your mouth, stretching it from cheek to cheek, and then exhale.

Benefit: By strengthening the cheek muscles with these short, simple motions, you can avoid having hollow cheeks. Regularly perform this workout to have raised, full cheeks.

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4. Arrange Your Brows

Place each hand’s index finger a half-inch over the brows. The eyebrows should be lifted upward while being pressed downward with your fingertips. Ten to twelve times a day, repeat this


Benefit: By performing this particular exercise, you may tone those muscles, release stress, and lessen the appearance of wrinkles on your forehead, which is the first location where wrinkles occur.

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