7 Eyeliner Trends You Should Know About


If it’s a party or just a casual evening with friends the look is incomplete without the touch of eyeliner. And there’s always a debate going on inside the head which is a common sentence we all find ourselves saying “Which eyeliner style will be suitable for today?” Well, this article covers seven different types of eyeliner trends and application styles which is a must to know in today’s trends.

1. Blue Eyeliner


Let’s add a little colour to the eyes. The days of the old and classic black coloured eyeliners are still strong but these are the new and pop colours that are taking over the trend for eyes. The blue eyeliner makes the eyes look more defined. So let’s try something new.

2. Double Eyeliner


Some might think that this look is tough to carry and difficult to apply, but instead, it is a super easily applicable new style of eyeliners application technique. One can even add white eyeliner to it. Adding white eyeliner to the double eyeliner technique gives it more details. And if there’s a party to attend some glitters would do the magic.

3. White Eyeliner


One of the best ways to wear white coloured eyeliner is along the waterline. It makes the eyes look bigger, sharper, and brighter! Contrast it with black coloured eyeliner and it adds even more details to your eyes in the blink of an eye.

4. Green Eyeliner


It’s time to get experimental with your eye makeup. If one wants to make their eyes pop and look bigger then adding a little colour to the eyes might be a good idea to try. The green coloured eyeliner is available in many lighter and darker shades creating so many opportunities to try out different styles.

5. Neon Eyeliner


If one wants to complete their look with a glow neon eyeliner does the work. It brightens the look throughout the day. The look is currently viral on Instagram. Many models and celebrities are getting experimental with the colour of eyeliners they use.

6. Winged Eyeliner


And now we are talking about the classic never out of fashion or behind the times’ eyeliner looks like the winged eyeliner. There are different application styles of winged eyeliner like double winged eyeliner, thick winged eyeliner, all around winged eyeliner, etc. Since it is a classic that never goes of style it is suitable for a variety of occasions and outfits to wear on.


7. Natural Eyeliner


It is indeed the look which one can wear almost every day. This is a casual and effortless look that is easy to apply. No matter if someone’s using a pencil, gel or liquid liner the natural style takes a minute to be perfectly applied. The style defines your eyes and gives an illusion of being totally invisible.

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