7 Exciting Fashion Launches To Keep Track Of This Month


Get ready to dive into the latest fashion launches for this month! Whether you’re into eco-friendly choices, fun customizations, or just love exploring new fashion trends, we’ve got some cool stuff to talk about. Imagine you’re going on an exciting fashion adventure, starting with Louis Vuitton’s cool sustainable sneakers and then checking out Levi’s Minions-themed jeans. We’ll also explore Ritu Kumar’s trendy outfits, ASICS SportStyle’s awesome sneakers, a fancy watch auction by Saffronart, and Nike’s new maternity sportswear collection. So, let’s embark on this fashion journey together and discover what’s hot in the world of style!

Louis Vuitton Embraces Sustainability


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Louis Vitton Eco Friendly Trainers

Louis Vuitton, the renowned luxury brand, has taken a significant step towards sustainability with the introduction of a new line of eco-friendly trainers. These trainers are designed to align with the growing trend of inconspicuous footwear that has recently made a comeback in the fashion world. Fashion insiders are increasingly opting for basic trainers, reminiscent of classic styles like Converse, over flashy statement sneakers. Louis Vuitton’s sustainable LV Trainer, launched this month, comes in three distinct color options and proudly displays the brand’s signature sustainable development logo. This marks a noteworthy entry into eco-design for Louis Vuitton.

Levi’s Minions Customization

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Levi’s Minions Customization

Levi’s, the iconic denim brand, is offering customers a unique opportunity to personalize their clothing with Minions-themed designs. At select Levi’s Tailor Shops across the country, customers can adorn their jeans, denim jackets, and even trucker hats with original Minions artwork. This creative initiative celebrates the release of “Minions: The Rise of Gru.” By transforming everyday denim into one-of-a-kind fashion pieces, Levi’s has created a fun and fashionable way for fans to express their Minions fandom while staying stylish.

Ritu Kumar’s Stylish Festive Collection

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Ritu Kumar’s Festive Fall Collection

Ritu Kumar, a well-known fashion designer, has unveiled a chic and comfortable festive fall collection. This collection redefines traditional Indian wear by offering pre-draped saris, making them easy to wear for Gen Z individuals. It features breezy printed florals, shimmery materials, and sequins, adorning lehengas, co-ord sets, and suits suitable for various occasions. In addition to saris, the collection introduces modern fashion elements like trench coats and printed bomber jackets. Ritu Kumar’s aarké collection adds a contemporary twist to timeless Indian fashion, providing options for every season.

ASICS SportStyle’s Sleek Sneaker

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ASICS SportStyle has launched a sleek new sneaker, the GEL-QUANTUM 180™ VII. This versatile sneaker is designed to complement various outfits, whether you’re heading for a coffee run in leggings and a hoodie or post-pilates smoothie breaks. Available in both white and black colorways for men and women, the sneaker boasts an aerodynamic design with jacquard mesh detailing to ensure ventilation and breathability. What sets it apart is ASICS’s specially developed gel technology, providing excellent impact absorption for comfortable and stylish urban adventures.

Rare Timepieces Auction by Saffronart

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Rare Time Pieces collection by Saffronart

For avid watch collectors, Saffronart presents an exciting opportunity to acquire coveted timepieces through an online auction. The carefully curated selection includes renowned luxury watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Chopard, Cartier, and Pierre Kunz. Highlighting this offering are the sought-after Chopard ‘Happy Diamonds’ watches, which embody the brand’s luxury timepiece identity. Additionally, Patek Philippe’s statement watches cater to those seeking modern sophistication. The auction features an array of rare collectible watches, making it a palette cleanser for watch enthusiasts looking for unique and timeless pieces.


Nike (M) Maternity Sportswear

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Nike expands its maternity sportswear line, Nike (M), to provide comprehensive support to pregnant women in all stages of their pregnancy journey. This five-piece capsule collection offers research-based designs to enhance comfort and functionality. The collection includes flexible bras with moisture-wicking technology, designed with a wrap and layered construction for nursing and pumping convenience. The utility extends to other pieces like tights, tanks, and reversible pullovers, designed to facilitate nursing. Set to hit select stores in September and available online, Nike’s (M) collection empowers expectant and postpartum women with stylish and practical sportswear.

The Galleries at 32nd: India’s Unique Retail Space

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Galleries at 32nd

The Galleries at 32nd, a newly established retail space, sets a unique standard in India’s fashion landscape. This avant-garde space, which opened its doors recently, offers a niche curation of both emerging and established designers. It caters to the tastes of discerning fashion enthusiasts seeking style and high fashion. With names like Urvashi Kaur, Khanijo, Koytoy, and Almost Gods, The Galleries showcases designers who have been gaining traction with Gen Z consumers. Founded by Dhruv Sharma, with Nitya Arora as the creative director, this venture aims to provide a distinctive and promising platform for the fashion-forward in India. The Galleries operate on an anti-mall concept, giving each designer independent entrances and space to express their brand’s unique narrative, promising a curated fashion experience.

By Chandra Shekhar Tripathi

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