6 Different Types of Hats for Women – Pick Your Hat Style


It’s unlikely that there is a lady alive who doesn’t look amazing wearing a hat of some kind. It’s up to you to determine which kinds of women’s hat styles suit your head form, face shape, and yes, even your body shape so that you aren’t the first one to do it.

There are a plethora of colours and styles to pick from since there are so many different types of hats available. You’re mistaken if you believe that hats are exclusively used to block the sun in the summer and to keep your head warm in the winter.



Choosing a large sunhat with a wide brim around the perimeter will keep you in the shade and shield you from dangerous UV rays while you’re engaging in outdoor activities and will help you protect your hair, face, and neck from the sun.

A protective sunhat, often known as a “field hat” or “floppy hat,” is necessary when gardening, sightseeing in warm climes, hiking, or going to the beach or a lake. Choose a light-coloured hat, such as one that is white, beige, tan, or any other pastel shade; these colours reflect the sun’s rays and will keep you cooler than hats that are dark in hue.



A Fedora hat for ladies is NOT the ideal option if you’re looking to cover up a horrible hair day. These hats with curved brims and indentation crowns are intended to highlight, not conceal, your hairstyle.


A Fedora may be appropriate when you want to draw attention to your stunning hair while yet offering some stylish head coverage with a dash of masculinity. Choose one with a diamond- or teardrop-shaped pinched crease, and let your long hair hang loose to offer some feminine balance.



Berets are generally woven from fabrics like wool, felt, crocheted cotton, or synthetic fibres and have a unique circular shape with a flat crown. Berets are worn by both sexes and have been linked to French and Spanish culture since the 19th century. Additionally, berets are a common component of military attire all over the world and are well-known for having been worn by legendary figures like the Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara.

The beautiful thing about women’s beret hat types is that you may select from a wide range of hues and materials. You can wear the beret in any position you like, but it is typically tilted to one side. If you’re feeling too lazy to arrange your hair, you might be able to tuck it underneath the dome area depending on its depth.

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