5 TYPES of Belts Every Women Should have .

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A Women Belts draws the eye away from a bloated belly, a bulky upper torso, and a plethora of sins.” They’re a great way to freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the wallet, and there’s no reason to prevent wearing them!”

Belts are just so adaptable, functional, and economical; a unique combination in the long list of fashion accessories, as Twiggy put it. And there’s a vast selection of belts out there that can easily dress up any outfit. Here’s a list of five belts every diva must own:

The Oversized Belt

These are eye-catching accessories that can instantly transform any outfit into a red-carpet look. Not only are enormous belts quite fashionable these days, but they also serve a useful purpose: they constrict the waist, giving you a more feminine silhouette. To accentuate your curves by wearing an enormous belt with dresses, gowns, and even kaftans.

The Obi Women’s Belt

Obi Belts are at the top of the Spring Fashion rankings for 2022. Obis are kimono-inspired textile belts made of satin, silk, and other soft materials. These look great with a lot of layers because of their knotted appearance, which adds dimension. Not only that, but because there are no holes or threads, you can tie them as firmly or loosely as you choose! Lifesavers.

The Thin Belt for Women

These thin beauties, oh, these slim beauties! Thin belts are understated but quite stylish. By virtue of their delicate appearance, they lend grace and gentleness to clothes. Thin belts are a mainstay for the office-going fashionista, as they look great with skirts/trousers and tucked-in blouses. They go with practically any ensemble when worn casually.

The Metallic Belt

Attention, high-street fashionistas! Metallic belts are incredibly fashionable and eye-catching. These have an all-metal housing and a gleaming finish that draws all attention to the waist. Make sure you purchase the proper size when wearing these because tightly worn metallic belts might produce bulges. However, when worn appropriately, these belts are by far the most glamorous of all.

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The Fancy Buckled Belt

Who doesn’t enjoy a little over-the-top effect now and then? A belt with a stylish buckle can come in handy, especially on days when you don’t want to exert too much effort. Find one that’s just the right amount of blingy/streaky/jazzy for you, and make it your go-to accessory when you’re feeling sluggish. Your overall outfit can be enhanced further with the huge buckle, whether it’s a simple jeans-shirt pair or a gorgeous cocktail dress!


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By Sara Khan

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