5 Tips To Look Trendy And Stay Warm In Winter


Do you feel like, when it’s freezing out, fashion tends to get thrown out of the door in favor of warmth? So let’s talk about how to look trendy and stay warm.

Winter and style are pretty much arch enemies. You either select warmth or style. Hardly anyone looks decent in winter. It’s tough to look chic when you’re freezing. To look stylish is nearly impossible, especially when you live in a country that’s 60% winter. Here you would find tips to look stylish even when the temperature hits below zero.


Here are some outfit ideas that will make you look trendy and stay warm.

Thermal Tights:

Thermal tights work effectively underneath your outfit and keep you warm, especially when you’ll be outside for long periods.

Tights that claim to be warm are Vero Monte Thermal Tights, DKNY Opaque Coverage Control Tights and Uniqlo Heat tech Tights are best to wear to keep yourself warm from inside.

Tall Boots:

Nice fitted tall boots can keep you in shape in the winter. Glance for boots that hit just below the knees and are tightly fitted. This will help you look less bulky and give you a smart glimpse.

Leather chunky knee-high boots M&S, brown croc knee-high boots Alohas and black Lizard knee-high boots all will give you an elegant look in chilling weather.

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Elegant coats & Jackets:

Jackets and coats are the first that can be seen in your outfit and give the impression of style. Long coats not only give you an elegant look but work effectively to keep you warm to your knees. Fur coats will give you a teddy look and fun. Be aware these furs will bring people near you for cuddles.

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The scarf is the ultimate key to staying warm and looking elegant in the wintertime. It adds colors, patterns, and textures to any dull winter outfit.

There are many ways to wear a scarf formally wrapped around the neck and can be tied over your shoulder. No matter how you decide to wear a scarf it will give you a different look every time you wear it will be a fun experiment.

look trendy and stay warm.


You will love a great poncho! The draping is so simple and can be styled in so many different ways. It’s the perfect lightweight outerwear that is amazing for layering. Wear it over a leather jacket, when the weather is cold. Plaid poncho will work tremendously with every outfit and plays a game of colors.


Wrap Up:

Winters are around and many are picking the question of how to look stylish and stay warm in this chilling weather? Thermal tights are key to keeping you warm from the inside.

Tall and fitted boots will give you an elegant look and shape. Scarves play a key factor in playing with colors and giving your outfit a perfect look. Dig deep inside your pocket to buy jackets and coats or keep an eye on sales as they are the first impression of your outfit. Ponchos work effectively to keep you warm and give you a stylish and optional change in your outfit with game-changing colors.

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By Qandeel Shah

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