5 Reasons To Try a Facial Massage Now


We are used to keeping our body in shape, but let’s not forget that our face is just as important. Our face is our business card, the first thing that others can see in us, but also the one that best shows us our inner state.

Facial massage is one of the best ways to keep our face young. On top of that it comes with other health and beauty benefits. But not to be confused with facial yoga, which due to intense pressure may leave you in pain, if you are not used to it.

Where, when, and how should we do facial massage?

Well, you can opt for a massage session in a beauty salon, but you can just as well choose self-massage and use it as a moment of pampering and relaxation.

It would be preferable in the morning, but there is no specific time or duration. Each of us knows best both our body and face, so it remains your decision to determine the duration of the facial massage session. You can start with a few minutes and it can take up to a few tens of minutes.

What is certain is that it should not become painful or uncomfortable, but should be a relaxing and enjoyable activity. In terms of technique, there are some movements designed to tone muscles and to stimulate lymphatic drainage, and massage some important pressure points. It still remains within the reach of each of us, which side of the face will insist and how intense the pressure will be.

The movements are usually oriented upwards and cover the entire area from the base of the neck to the end of the forehead.

facial massage


The benefits of facial massage

► it is already known that it is a way to relax and eliminate stress, but also to tone the muscles of the face to obtain a rejuvenating effect. So with a few minutes of relaxation included in the daily routine, you can get rid of an expensive surgical facelift and keep a natural look on your face.

► fades wrinkles and reduces acne


► stimulates the lymphatic vessels, facilitating the elimination of toxins

► there are certain pressure points, which by their stimulation help to treat sinuses or eye problems and to eliminate stress

► it is also a method to clean the face and replace the painful peeling

But what about face massage and health?

Another less known benefit of facial massage is that by lightly and controlled touching of certain parts of the face, we can treat and stimulate the normal functioning of our internal organs.

Our external reality is the reflection of our interior, and our first contact with the external environment is made through our body. Thus, it is not surprising that we can notice on our face if something is wrong:

► just above the forehead the problems of the small intestine, and a little lower between the eyebrows those of the liver


► signs of the heart are recognized above the eyebrows, but also in the area between the upper lip and the nose

► bags under the eyes or so-called dark circles may indicate poor kidney function

► The cheeks show us how our stomach works

► unsightly signs in the chin signal hormonal problems

So, with a few controlled massage movements in the right area, we can prevent and even treat much more serious ailments, all while enjoying a few moments of relaxation.

By Paula

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