5 Holiday Footwear Essentials


With the right shoes on your feet, you will walk into the new year and tackle the party season in style. Keep reading the blog as we reveal the footwear essentials for the holidays every man should have in his closet.

1. Boat Shoes


Footwear Essentials Sperry

These are one of the easiest footwear styles to slip on and go. Breathable, comfortable, and available in a wider range of colors than most other summer shoes, the design that hasn’t changed since 1935 is really a bit of a year-rounder. What’s more summer than slipping on a pair of deck shoes without socks? Whether you’re hitting the beach or the park they’re good to go with any outfit.

2. Canvas

We get it: not every guy is comfortable in open-toed footwear even in the heat. To get the same carefree summer vibes without having your toes on show, look to a pair of canvas kicks. Light, comfortable, and easy to pack, they’re a holiday no-brainer.

3. Formal Heels

This is the NYE of the party shoe list, a heeled loafer is a classic summer shoe alternative. A loafer is defined as being a heeled, lace-less, slip-on shoe, typically with a moccasin-style toe. The lack of laces points towards a refined nonchalance, while the heeled sole keeps things formal enough to be worn with a suit. This probably isn’t an everyday shoe for most guys but you’ll get plenty of wear out of it, whether that be at balmy evening functions or late-night outdoor dinners.


4. Sneaker


Footwear Essentials Sneakers

A more casual summer shoe option is the sneaker, born over 50 years ago. The original tennis shoe has evolved into a wide range of flat-bottomed sneakers, typically with a white sole. With breathability and versatility in its favor, the tennis sneaker is hard to pass up when picking an outfit. Unfussy white leather kicks now get a pass at almost every summer event, so it’s worth buying a pair that will last.

5. Sandals

The ultimate weekender shoe. Sandals really can take the heat and are really just a short step away from being barefoot – and we adore them for it. Somehow this shoe blurs the line between hanging out at home and being out in public, and this just typifies what summers should be all about.

Footwear Essentials Sandals


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By Kevin Osinde 

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