4 Best Hair Color Trends of 2021


You’re not the only one who wishes to change your hair color. This year, with the rise of at-home hair styling, there’s no better time than now to redefine yourself.

Once you have made up your mind about a hair color change, scroll through these best-approved trends for some inspiration.

1. Almond Blond Hair Color:

These days, almond hair with a hint of blonde is up to the task. I’d say this brown-blonde hair is rather simple to achieve and maintain.

This is the one to choose if you have a brown base or black hair and want to significant benefit to your locks!

2. Dark Brown to Caramel Ombre Hair

This dark brown to caramel ombre hair is a basic yet eye-catching color combination! Dark reddish-brown + caramel is a bright contrast that requires substantial grooming if you want to join the golden ombre craze.

3. Red Dip-Dyed Black Hair

This black hair with red dip-dye is very stunning! This hair color looks great on women with neutral or warmer complexion tones. Don’t forget to highlight the red strands, especially if your locks are straight. The ends can be styled with waves and curls to achieve the desired effect.

4. Long Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

Long black hair with caramel highlights is a timeless fashion that is both stylish and feminine. Multi-dimensional tones are created by combining lengthy waves with opposing hues. This one is ideal for people who wish to add some color to their black tresses.


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By Sara Khan

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