2022 Fashion Resolutions


The New Year has passed, but the opportunity to make resolutions has not! Whether it’s purchasing more sustainably, wearing more maturely, or anchoring a capsule wardrobe in less than 10 pieces, I’ve always failed to keep my fashion resolutions in the past. This year, I’m committed to keeping my fashion resolutions, from infusing my clothes with K-pop-worthy colours to reintroducing fashion pieces suited for big evenings out – all while remaining true to my own fashion instincts.


Who says summer colours can’t be worn in the winter? Start 2022 with a vibrant palette to make up for all the times you’ve foolishly assumed safe and dark ensembles make you look sleek and mature! If full-on mint isn’t your thing (and let’s be honest, it’s hard to pull off on a Monday), opt for a burst of bubblegum pink or lime green for a mood boost that’s not too over-the-top. Accessorize with brightly coloured berets, crew socks, and belts for a standout look that’s the perfect alternative to winter neutrals.

Argyle sweater- http://surl.li/bdiwi

Fit Cuffed Hem Pants- http://surl.li/bdiwm

Sambre Cream Beret – https://bit.ly/3Gvolqn

Belt- http://surl.li/bdiwr

Malvina Women’s Fur Socks- https://amzn.to/3qplslA


By raiding your grandmother’s closet and paying homage to your inner siren, you can combine the classical and the irreverent. Please bear with me if this sounds perplexing. Grandmacore can easily become dowdy when rendered head-to-toe, whereas the showgirl aesthetic frequently sacrifices nuance for unapologetic sex appeal. In small doses, however, these opposing trends can infuse an outfit with a sense of edge. Choose a sexy version of the classic twin-set for a glammed-up take on grandmacore. Mix vintage prints with provocative hemlines, or inject luxe elements into the modest midi. But maybe avoid the ubiquitous Peter Pan collar.

Cropped twin set- http://surl.li/bcsvn

Midi skirt- http://surl.li/bcsvp


The 1990s will continue to be a source of inspiration for the city girl in 2022. Instead of slavishly recreating that era’s greatest hits, opt for a sleek, Instagrammable update. Keep cropped, décolletage-baring cardigans, cropped blazers, velveteen hoodies, low-riding jeans, and 2022’s take on slip dresses on hand for simple yet sassy looks. Combine these fashion pieces with grungy staples like plaid pants, asymmetrically cut skirts, and oversized denim jackets to create looks that are both polished and punkish.

Quilted Zip-Up Hoodie- http://surl.li/bcsvy

Houndstooth Blazer & Skirt Set- http://surl.li/bcswb

Split slip dress- http://surl.li/bcswe


You most likely own several pairs of the ubiquitous white sneakers! They are, admittedly, simple to style. Combat boots are also great for toughening up an ultra-feminine look and complementing a grunge-inspired look. If you want to shake things up a little this year, bring back statement shoes like sleek lace-up pumps, black-coloured boots, or black point-toe mules! These bold yet highly wearable options will instantly complement an eclectic K-pop-style ensemble or a preppy, streamlined look, rather than cramping your style (or causing blisters).

Women Black Chelsea Boots- http://surl.li/bcswk

Block-heeled chunky loafers- http://surl.li/bcswn

Slip-on Chain Decorated Loafers Bellies Low Heels Almond Toe Mule Sandals- http://surl.li/bcswo

Uplift Strappy Lace-Up Stilettos- http://surl.li/bcswu

Is there anything more common on social media and in real life than subtle gold hoop earrings (aside from white sneakers)? Gold hoops fit so many aesthetics, from sparkly hammered gold versions to plain Huggies with unisex appeal, that they’ve become a byword for failsafe accessories. Make 2022 the year you go all-in on the maximalist trend! Nothing says “hope” like dangly earrings with an 80s vibe or cutesy designs with daisy charms. Consider this bold take on the hoop that’s luxe yet edgy if you want to stay low-key while stepping out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, for a retro-themed elegance, try these vintage-inspired specimens designed for cocktail hour.

Crumple party statement earrings- http://surl.li/bcsxc


Rhinestone Tassels- http://surl.li/bcsyh

Fan Flower Dangle Earrings- http://surl.li/bcsyr

If the last two exhausting years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of comfortable outfits over statement-making looks. That doesn’t mean we should embrace slob chic in its entirety. We need to strike a balance between elegance and comfort: sweatshirts are out, but slouchy sweaters, long-line shackets, and wide-leg pants are in. 2022’s looks combine going-out energy with the cosiness of loungewear, thanks to edgy tailoring, quirky details, and unexpected fabrics. Pair a snazzy cut-out top with slim-fit cut-out pants and ankle boots for an edgy look that’s a perfect mix of Haute and street styles.

Cut out flare leg pants- http://surl.li/bctae

Kelsea puffer vest- http://surl.li/bctag

Printed oversized t-shirt- http://surl.li/bctap

Multi layer charm chain belt- http://surl.li/bctau


Let your imagination run wild with clothes that celebrate escapism! Classic silhouettes are safe bets, but it’s worth mixing things up with a fantastical edge. Combine your outfit with a dramatic swishy skirt or an oversized lace collar reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland. Dare to experiment with a bold colour-blocking design, swap the dependable pleather belt for a layered chain version, and don’t always reach for that timeless winter coat that will outlast social media trends. When putting together your OOTD, consider “what would the parallel world version of myself wear?” Put a new spin on whatever look you want to achieve, whether it’s cottage care or unapologetic corporate workwear. Celebrate 2022 by venturing a little further outside of your comfort zone – it will pay off.


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