15 Fashion Influencers to Follow


Influencer marketing covers virtually every niche imaginable. However, there are a few fields where top influencers can truly lay claim to influencing and changing their supporters’ lives. Fashion is one of those super-niches, where fashion influencers can truly make a huge impact on dictating the entire direction of the industry.

Of course, fashion tastes can be notoriously subjective, and it is unlikely that you will like the fashion displayed by everybody on our list. Most followers of fashion will know the types of designs they prefer and will have found favorite influencers who promote the types of fashion compatible with their personal tastes.

fashion influencers to follow

Fashion is also a genre that crosses social media platforms. With fashion being a highly visual industry, those channels that place a high focus on displaying high-quality images are obviously favored here. Instagram is the perfect medium for fashion influencers to display garments and designs, podcasting less so. Fashion blogs are still very important, offering fashionistas a place where they can immerse themselves in the latest trends and status symbols. Many fashion bloggers also operate on a combination of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other channels. Some YouTubers have made a name for themselves, by creating fashion and beauty videos.

It can be hard to come up with a definitive list of fashion influencers – it is a very popular niche and there are many people who have some influence in the field. Fashion is also a truly worldwide area of expertise, and you can find fashion commentators online providing influence from nearly every part of the globe. In the “real” offline world, people recognize how important European designers are in terms of the fashion world. Things are similar in the online influencer world, with a surprisingly high percentage of the world’s most renowned fashion influencers being European-based.

There is a website devoted simply to spotlighting and showcasing fashion influencers, called Top Fashion Influencers. They describe themselves as being “a worldwide community which includes the most important fashion personalities of the Social Media.” They have created a TFI Score to determine the degree of influence that fashion influencers have, covering both the size of a fashion influencer’s community and her level of engagement (across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook). They have determined a TFI score for nearly a thousand fashion influencers worldwide.

Our list of 15 Fashion influencers contains the fifteen people with the highest TFI scores. They truly are a cosmopolitan group of fashion influencers. There are even a few men included in this influential group.

So, how can you find the top fashion influencers for your brand?

The simplest way is to perform quick Instagram searches for hashtags related to the fashion industry. You can use the tool, HashtagsForLikes, to make this task easier. This tool can help you identify the most popular fashion hashtags that you can use to find relevant influencers.


You can also use influencer discovery platforms for this task. To simplify the task even further, we’ve compiled a list of the top Instagram fashion influencers you can collaborate with.

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By Rida Khan

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