15 Attractive Designs Of Collar Neck Blouse


Many women prefer to wear collar neck blouses instead of wearing deep, round and V neckline blouses. The biggest advantage of these designs is that you can wear them on any occasion. You can wear this type of blouse for weddings, parties, reception as well as in the office. These blouses are suitable for every occasion as well as perfect for every saree. You can style them with any type of saree like silk, georgette, chiffon. A collar neck blouse is the choice of every woman. Bollywood actresses also like it very much, so let’s see 15 beautiful designs of collar neck blouses:

1. Chinese Collar Neck Blouse 


Nowadays many women prefer to wear this blouse because these blouses look beautiful on all types of sarees from simple to party wear. A simple saree of a single color also looks very stylish with this type of blouse design.

2. Metallic Padded Collar Neck Blouse 


If you are looking for a blouse for a party wear saree, then this blouse design will be suitable for you. This blouse design comes with an attractive collar. Mirror work has been done everywhere in its fabric which makes it suitable for any party.

3.  Beige Silk Blouse With a Collar Neck


Women who do not have much love for designer blouses can get this simple design made. This blouse has beautiful buttons on the front. At the same time, its back design gives an extraordinary look to this simple blouse.

4. Navy Blue Round Blouse With Collar Neck

Navy-Blue-Round-Blouse-With-Collar Neck

This blouse with a beautiful and adorable design will be very much liked by those ladies who like to wear blouses with round necklines. Because this blouse design is made from the confluence of round and collar necklines. You can wear this blouse with any type of saree by making it in red, green, yellow fabric.

5. Floral Printed Collar Neck Blouse

Nowadays, from floral sarees to floral jewelry, there are a lot of trends. In such a situation, why don’t you go ahead with the trend by making a floral blouse? The neck design of the blouse and this bow on its waist is enhancing its beauty. This blouse design will look beautiful on cotton sarees. Through this, you can also create a retro look.

6. Yellow Blouse With A Collar Neck

Yellow-colored clothes are suitable for the occasion of marriage and haldi. If you are also planning to go for such an occasion, then this blouse design will be perfect for you. You can make this blouse design in any simple fabric too. Its collar and sleeves have beautiful workmanship. You can wear this blouse with black, red, maroon, any color saree. If you are a working woman then you can wear this type of blouse to the office also.


7. Embroidered Collar Neck Blouse 

This blouse design will look good with heavy work sarees. The sleeves and neck design have been kept the same in this blouse. Embroidery has been done everywhere in it. This blouse design will be very suitable in the wedding season.

 8. Brocade Blouse 

You have probably never seen this stunning blouse design of brocade collar neck. This blouse design will be perfect for silk sarees. The workmanship on the sleeves is giving an even more adorable look to this blouse.

9. Round + Collar Neck Blouse 

Made from a combination of round and collar neck, this blouse design is going to be very much liked by working women. The collar of this blouse gives it a formal look, while the round neckline is making it quite elegant. If you want to try some different designs on collar neckline, then this will be perfect for you.

10. Shirt Style Blouse a Collar Neck

This blouse design of shirt style is quite unique. Along with wearing this blouse on normal days, you can feel free to wear it in any office or gathering.

11. Red Collar Neck Blouse Design 

If you like collar neck, sheer fabric, and belt style blouses, then you can create this type of blouse by combining these three designs. This blouse is made from sheer fabric. Along with this, a belt has also been given to it. You can wear this blouse with any type of saree. Even a simple saree with this blouse will look no less than a party wear saree.

12. Black Collar Neck Blouse 

You can get this blouse design made on any printed fabric. Also, you can style this black colored blouse with any saree. But it is going to leave a different mark with silk sarees.

13. Full Sleeves Blouse 


This blouse worn by Raveena Tandon is a fine example of a mirror work blouse. This blouse design will be best for winter. Apart from a saree, you can wear this blouse with a lehenga as well.


14. Floral Embroidered  Blouse


Design Beautiful floral embroidery has been done in the sleeves and neckline of this blouse. You can style this embroidered blouse with any contrasting color saree.

15. Long Length Blouse 


This design is suitable for women who are fond of wearing long blouses. You can make this sleeveless blouse design in any color fabric. If you want to look a little stylish with this blouse, then you can create a party wear look by wearing a belt with it.

By Shara Sharma

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