10 Types of Indian Jhumkas(Wedding wear)


As you know jhumkas is one of the favorite pieces of jewelry which girls most like especially Indian and Pakistani girls loved it.

1. Meenakari Jhumkas (Enamelwork)

In this type of jhumka the special thing is its bright pop-up colors. Meenakari jhumkas (enamelwork jhumkas) is easily available in India like Rajasthan and Banaras. The Famous banarsi jhumka is Gulabi Meenakari jhumka is very beautiful basically its base is white and enamelwork on it with pink.

2. Hoop Jhumkas

Hoops are mostly like in Western wear but this type of jhumkas is Indian version like attach jhumka with Hoops. For those who like hoops, you should try the Indians version also.

3. Chandbali Jhumkas

Chandbalii jhumkas is so versatile you can wear these jhumkas whith any type of indian dresses.

4. Suryakanthi Jhumkas

You can also wear this in the daily routine of dresses. These stud portions are inspired by sun shape.

5. Jhalar Jhumkas

It creates a frill-type effect. Jhular jhumkas volume creates with moti (Pearls) or version of jhumkas like one jhumka in your ear and size increases or decreases further.


6. Kashmiri Jhumkas

Very traditional and beautiful jhumkas. Basically, it’s a long string where hang jhumkas, and it’s more than one string. Kashmiri jhumkas cover the backside of the ear too which makes a different style.

7. Temple Jhumkas

Temple jewelry is south’s jewelry which is beautiful. The Motifs used in it. Its temple-inspired Motifs are pretty much beautiful and its suits are on traditional wear.

8. Karnphool Jhumkas

Basically, if we add jhumkas with ear cuffs it makes Karnphool jhumkas. Ear cuff jewelry is ancient. These are one of the only types of earings which cover up your ear cuff portion this is why these are different from other jhumkas.

9. Detachable Jhumkas

These are very helpful for those of you who don’t always carry heavy pieces, like when you want a heavy look you attached it otherwise for minimal look detached them.

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10. Afghani Jhumka

Afghani jewelry is in trend. In Oxidized jewelry, we add color pop up that is afghani jewelry. Afghani jewelry is limited to oxidizing jewelry. These are very versatile you can use them in daily or wedding wear.

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