10 Things Every Woman Must Have In Her Handbag


For a 21st-century girl, her handbag is her best friend. As it carries her entire world. LOL, but yes, it’s 100% true! It’s really hard to imagine how much stuff women carry in their pouch. From grocery bills and ATM receipts to lip balms, sanitizers, comb, mirror, and the list goes on. But, here emphasis is on the handbag essentials that every girl must have in her purse. A woman’s handbag is more than just a place to stash the car keys and cash. Whether you are a carefree teenager or a working woman, you must carry these 10 essentials in your handbag at all times.


1. Hand Sanitizers 

Hand sanitizer is a must-have, especially if you are using public transport. With countless germs revolving around, you can’t overlook sanitizers. According to research conducted by the CDC, it has been found that 70% of alcohol-based hand sanitizers can kill harmful germs, microbes, or viruses as effectively as washing hands with water and soap.


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2) Tampons/ Sanitary Pads 

Always carry one or two tampons/ sanitary pads in your bag. Not only, they would be helpful in an emergency, but you can also give them to any woman who might be in need. Be ready to face an emergency with full confidence.

3)  A Pack of Safety Pins

This would be proven helpful in case of mini-wardrobe malfunctions.

4)  Elastic Hair Bands or Clutches

Even if you don’t need it, carry a few elastic hair bands or clutches in your bag every time. These would act as a savior when you want to keep your curls off your face.

5) Sleek Compact Mirror

A sleek compact mirror will not only look stylish but also helps you do touch-ups on the go.


6) Makeup Kit

Carry a cute and compact makeup kit in your handbag. It should be loaded with a face mist, moisturizer, lipsticks, lip balm, eyeliner, face primer, mascara, bronzer, lip gloss, concealers, a foundation, a highlighter, an eyelash curler, a liquid liner, and oil blotting paper.

7) Travel-Size Perfume Bottle

Never leave the house without your signature perfume bottle.

8)  Face Tissues

Carry both dry and wet face tissues in your bag to feel fresh even on hot summer days. Wiping off the face with an untidy or dirty handkerchief is not at all a good idea.

9) Band-Aid

These would come to the rescue when you got nasty pricks and sandal bites.


10) Mouth Freshener

Undoubtedly, bad breath is a big turn-off. You can carry Orbit, Tic Tac, Mint gum, or any other mouth freshener in your bag.

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By Sara Khan

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