10 Seriously Luxurious Sustainable Fashion Brands


Luxurious sustainable fashion brands used to be something of an oxymoron. I mean, remember when ‘sustainable fashion brands’ meant loose, multi-colored hippy pants and scratchy sweaters? Those days are well and truly over, as designers across the fashion industry are taking the leap to produce eco-friendlier and sustainability-conscious clothes that are beautifully tailored and draped, from sumptuous materials that not only feel amazing against the skin but also do good for the planet.

Here, I’ve found some seriously luxurious sustainable fashion brands whose ‘luxe factors’ are found in their commitment to creating beautiful styles constructed from the most exquisite of natural materials such as vicuña, peace silk, and Orange Fiber, all assembled by fairly paid, highly skilled artisans – often by hand.

After all, if attention to detail and exquisite fabrics don’t define luxury fashion, what does?

10 Seriously Luxurious Sustainable Fashion Brands


1. Mara Hoffman

Some may not realize that this well-known designer has gone full-on ethical. After all, she’s been making mainly summery, beachy clothes for almost two decades.

But in recent years, Mara Hoffman has transitioned her label to be as sustainable as possible by crafting each collection in socially responsible conditions using ethically sourced and recycled fabrics. As if that weren’t enough, all of her casual-luxury fashion collections are now fully vegan, too.

Given her incredible design talent and the high quality of textiles she uses, it’s no wonder Hoffman made it to our list of luxurious sustainable fashion brands.

2. NInety Percent

Looking for luxuriously casual, rich girl fashion you can wear almost anywhere? Look no further! Ninety Percent is a relatively new label that’s dedicated to using materials like 100% organic cotton, Tencel, and hemp to make leisurewear that’s so comfortable, you can practically live in it!


So…why is it called Ninety Percent when its collections are 100% sustainable, you may ask? Well, that’s because a whopping 90% of its profits are given to charities around the globe.


3. Amur

If you’ve seen more covetable clothing on the red carpets these days, it’s probably because more celebs are being dressed by Amur. Of all the luxurious sustainable fashion brands here, this glamorous label has become a top favorite with the likes of Alexis Bledel, Elizabeth Hurley, Nicole Richie, and other A-listers, who love not only the incredible draping and feminine frills Amur provides, but the fact that these stunning garments are crafted from natural silk, hemp, linen, and organic cotton.

4. Gabriela Hearts

This brand has gone from strength to strength for several reasons: not only has it been called the ‘America Hermes’ due to its superior quality garments, but it has also had celebrity fans including Nicole Kidman, Brie Larson, and Demi Moore (amongst many others), who love the label for its all-natural fibers, bioplastic packaging, and for its use of female artisans who help to hand-make many of the garments.

The brand also ensures its wearers are protected from mobile phone and mast radiation – it uses an anti-radiation fabric that shields against these harmful wavelengths. Their resort collection also introduced aloe-treated linen that can moisturize the skin.

5. Loup Charmant

Silk, organic cotton, linen, and hemp are just some of the sustainable fabrics employed by this brand, whose name means ‘charming wolf’. Their style is easy, breezy, and beachy, with billowy sleeves, loose waistlines, and flowing, feminine ruffles featuring heavily in their latest collection. The brand also makes organic cotton and silk sleepwear, which is almost gorgeous enough to wear outside!

6. Flor Et. Al

Every time I see this brand, I can’t help but think of what Serena and Blair would wear in Gossip Girl. These tops, trousers, and dresses wouldn’t at all look out of place on the Upper-East Side in New York, or in the bistros of Paris. In fact, of all the luxurious sustainable fashion brands here, this may well be my personal favorite.

Made by well-paid craftsmen around the world as well small artisans in India to create the hand-beaded floral designs, flor et. al’s collections are even more ethical since they partnered with NEST, a non-profit that connects artisans and designers all over the globe.


7. Zero + Maria Cornejo

Talk about girl power! Zero + Maria Cornejo is a company owned and operated by women. Chilean-born Maria Cornejo founded the brand in 1998 by turning a space in New York City into a personal atelier.

From its inception, the brand has aimed at developing special collaborations with women artisans from around the world. Not only does the brand empower women, but 70% of its garments are also produced in the heart of New York’s garment district, while the rest is produced in independently owned factories in Italy.

8. Maiyet

No one knows sustainable luxury fashion quite like Maiyet. The brand draws from some of the rarest skills and traditions in garment making to create fashion like no other. One of its signature garment-making techniques is applique, a textile embellishment skill mastered in various regions of India.

The label is super ethical in its practices, too, and partners with global artisans and works with NEST, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing artisan businesses. The brand has a real dedication to true craftsmanship, design, and excellent service.

9. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a shining example of how a high-end luxury fashion brand can successfully build an empire based on ethical practices. As the first 100% vegetarian fashion company committed to 0% animal cruelty, the brand has spent years coming up with the best leather alternatives and has done a great job incorporating these into its collections.

Stella herself is inspired by a realistic approach to sustainable luxury fashion and understands how achieving full sustainability is a continuous journey that will eventually envelop all aspects of its supply chain.

10. Cienne

Cienne’s minimalistic, universally flattering styles are created from globally sourced, all-natural materials. Championed by Nicole Heim, the brand works with artisans from around the world and ethically assembles its collections at the heart of New York’s garment district.


Nicole is known to travel the world to meet and learn from the artisans her brand works with. For example, a trip to Bolivia to unearth the secrets of the country’s locally sourced alpaca (as seen in the sweater in our main image), as well as traditional Bolivian weaving practices. We love the attention to detail she gives to each piece she designs.


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