10 Pretty Makeup Looks to Try


Makeup has evolved tremendously throughout the years and this year is no exception. Time to put down the contouring powder. Step away from the fake lashes and smooth out the eyeliner. Here are 10 pretty makeup looks that you will want to try this year to freshen up your look. Not only all these look trending but, they are easy to create with a few products.

10. Clumpy Lashes and Faux Freckles


Did you ever think there would come a time when you would want to make your lashes clumpy? Well, the time has come. This makeup look is simple yet makes an impact. You want to use a mascara with a thin wand and wiggle it back and forth on your lashes until they are the thickness that you want them to be. You want to do this for the top and bottom lashes.

Then you want to take advantage of a taupe color eyeliner and create faux freckles. Faux freckles will bring attention to your face. The key to making your freckles look as realistic as possible is doing them in different sizes and spacing them out about ½ an inch apart. You want to keep the rest of your face as natural as possible.

9. White Wingliner


Time to update your black eyeliner and make it white. We all are aware of wearing white eyeliner in our waterline to make our eyes appear larger. However, now you can wear white wing liner instead of black. The white gives your eyes a pop of natural color that makes you look edgy all at the same time.

The same way you would use black eyeliner you want to do the same with your white liner. You want to keep the rest of your face natural with little to no product and you also want to skip the mascara as dark lashes will be too much for this look.

8. Sun-Kissed Glow


We are all about the glow for every season and every time of year. It is very much on-trend to have a sun-kissed glow everywhere. If you have golden tones to your skin, this is the perfect look for you. You will have a natural sun-kissed glow to you that you can just add caramel tones to enhance your skin tone.

If you have a light complexion you can add champagne tones to give you the sun-kissed glow. The key is to use subtle warm tones all over your skin from the color on your eyes to your cheeks and your lips. A golden highlight will work wonders with this look.


7. Sunset Shades


Did you ever think orange eyeshadow would be a trend? Well, it is and so are yellow and red. Sunset shadows are on trend and will want to be wearing them too. The key to wearing bright warm colors is blending and more blending. You want to blend the shades enough that they maintain their color but you cannot identify where they begin or end.If you are a little bit worried about using orange on your lips, you may want to blend a mixture of light orange and darker orange to achieve the perfect shade for you. The truth is orange is actually very flattering on all skin tones and eye colors.

6. Flirty Lashes and Nude Pink Lips


The 60s are coming back to us in a big way. We are now looking at “twiggy inspired lashes” and nude pink lips. What this means is you want thick mascara lashes. Not false lashes instead you want to use multiple coats of mascara and if your lashes end up with clumps that are perfectly fine.

You want to have thick lashes with a bare lid. You want to keep the rest of your face nude except for your lashes and nude pink lips. When you are going for a nude pink lip you want it to be a matte color. The simpler the look the better. To give your look a hint of flirtiness adds a little bit of blush to the apples of your cheeks.

5. Dark Eyes and Lips


There is an old age beauty rule that states you cannot wear bold eyes and bold lips at the same time. It is now time to get rid of it and try something new. Time to bring out the dark eyes and dark lips. The key to making this look work for you is using colors that are in the same color family.

If you are going for a brown smokey eye go for a tan lip color or vise versa. Another way to pull this look off is by sporting a lighter smokey eye with a very bold lip that will balance out the darkness in both colors.

4. Bare Face with Red Lips


Red lips will always be a classic look for many of us. It is the perfect look for any and every occasion that you may go to. And it is currently back on-trend however when it comes to red lips you want to pair it with a bare face. What this means is you want to keep the rest of your face as natural as possible while giving your lips the statement that it needs.

Creating this look simply uses foundation and a little bit of concealer to give your face a flawless even complexion and nothing else. Then you want to grab a bold red lipstick and fill in your lips and you are done. You can go for a matte red lip color or a glossy red tone the options are endless.

3. Cranberry Shadow


Whether it’s a fall, spring, or summer cranberry shadows are coming with a vengeance. With a hint of brown, red eyeshadow becomes sultry, sexy, and elegant. It is one of those shades that work well with all skin tones and eye colors. It can be worn in múltiple ways however, we recommend using a matte shadow when you work with a cranberry color.

When you are working with matte shades, it is recommended to use a primer first to get the best blending out of the shade. You can pair a cranberry shadow with any lip color that you decide to choose.

2. Champagne Shadow


Put down the contouring kit and pick up the champagne shadow. We are now giving contouring a break and strategically highlighting key points on our faces. This is a great look for the summertime as it gives you a fresh face while bringing out your best features. It is important to remember wherever you place the highlight is where you will draw light and attention to your face.

We suggest a champagne shade because it works well for everyone regardless of your skin tone it is universally flattering. We also recommend placing this shade in the inner corners of your eyes, all over your lid, your eyebrow bone, the tops of your cheeks, and your cupid’s bow. You want to keep the rest of your face matte to really showcase where you have highlighted your face.

1. No Makeup, Makeup Look


The no makeup, makeup look is now on trend and it is here to stay. We are now looking at the trend of having even skin without the appearance of wearing too much makeup. It is the perfect look for any occasion as it is all about perfecting your skin and giving you the appearance of flawless skin.

The key to this look is wearing a light foundation and concealer that perfectly match your skin. A semi-matte foundation will work best for this look as it will give you a hint of dewiness without a glow. You also want to wear mascara and a light shade of lipstick to complete this look.

Next time you are wondering how to do your makeup try one of these looks. And please tell us which one is your personal favorite.

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